Phoenix Virtual Airlines is experiencing some technical problems.


Script memory issues while running queries in the database are preventing the site from working properly at times. The problem is intermitten, but old PHPVMS code and an old PHP version required to run it are making repairs difficult.

As most of you know, a new airline has been in the works to be released for some time now to replace Phoenix VA. The new organization has been operational with minimum features and been tested for several months. The site was built from scratch using the latest versions for coding and PHP capabilities to offer the best experience possible. Given that Phoenix VA is getting tired, I now invite you to join us at Premier Virtual Airlines.



Clicking on the link below will allow you to join and transfer your stats from Phoenix VA to Premier VA. All your old pilot data will still be retained for more detailed migrations in the future. All you need is the email used in your Phoenix VA account to automatically transfer your stats. Premier VA offers a new ACARS tracker, P3D and X-Plane support, simbrief and PFPX integration, automatic forum integration and much more.

You can choose to join for free and enjoy a new static schedule set or join as a premium member to get live schedule data available for bidding, live charter, ad-hoc and general aviation flights available for bidding, cargo routes, Create your own VFR flights that count towards your hours, additional ACARS features and AFK benefits, with more features coming soon.

Premium membership is $10 / month through a paypal subscription that is setup through the site. It can be canceled at any time and there is a free trial of premium membership features when you sign up on the link below to try it out if you wish. Premium membership offers more features never seen before in a VA and also helps to support the costs of the schedule data API, server and development costs.

A frontend site for the public is not quite done yet, but you are welcome to join our soft launch as a member of Phoenix VA. Not all features are complete yet and more work needs to be done to finish missions, awards, pilot handbooks, etc but those are coming. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the forums and encourage you to try the premium membership to help support this giant project. Quick help and tons of discussion can also be found on our Discord channel found here. Click below to join.


Kind Regards,

Dustin Abell, President/CEO
Premier Virtual Airlines